• Provola a lunga stagionatura  Provola a lunga stagionatura
  • Guanciale di suino nero  Guanciale di suino nero
  • Ricotta Salata  Ricotta Salata
  • Capocollo di suino nero  Capocollo di suino nero
  • Provola al limone  Provola al limone
Gusto Siculo - Gustosamente Insieme
Gusto Siculo is a premier brand exclusively providing high quality local, traditional Sicilian produce.

The company has been developed through the passion of its founders for high quality food and wine, the perfect combination for gourmet excellence.

Our main objective is to introduce our customers to the beautiful island of Sicily; a land blessed by the sun, with its diverse range of natural surroundings, from volcanoes to vibrant landscapes and crystal clear blue seas.

All this forms the backdrop to a wealth of traditional regional delicacies.

Sicily is all of this and more.. a land where art meets taste.
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