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Salami Sant'Angelo I.G.P

Salami Sant'Angelo I.G.P



Salami S.Angel PGI
The Sant'Angelo PGI salami is the only salami to boast the IGP brand in Sicily.
The main features are the use of large breed White, Landrace, Duroc
The cutting of the meat with knife tips and a low percentage of fat equal to about 20% make this cured meat the Sicilian excellence of the Nebrodi mountains
It has a strong red color, flavored with sea salt and black pepper, stuffed into natural pork casing called cularino, provides for a minimum maturation from 30 to 50 days.
Intense aroma and aromatic taste with unobtrusive spiciness.

To be combined with important red wines not very structured, to be enjoyed with our Cartapane or with our selection of cold cuts and cheeses from the Nebrodi mountains


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